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Whether as a landlord you have multiple properties or just one to let, each one of them is a valuable investment to be capitalised on.

However, we understand the difficulties that being a landlord brings: the worry of missed payments, voids, maintenance issues and whether your property is being looked after properly by the tenant; all these issues can make letting a less enjoyable experience for you and be a less financially secure venture than it could be.

‘Rent Smart’ brings you an alternative solution, a better way to let out your property which addresses the unattractive issues whilst ensuring your optimal financial return. Our service provides you, the landlord with a ‘Setup & Forget’ service; you set the property up with us then leave it to us to manage, confidant that rent owed to you will be in your bank account every month.

Our business is to take the hassle off your shoulders. We work to allow you a stress-free experience to ensure you make the best of your investment.


How It Works

We lease the property from you on a long term let at an agreed rent and become your tenant. We use a “Company Let” agreement, which is both legal and fit for purpose.

If need be, we bring the property up to the expectations of our customers: young professionals in full time employment. As we are responsible for any lost rent and damage done to the property by our tenants, credit checks and character references are run before a tenant moves in.

We start paying you your rent as soon as the property is ready to let.

We then rent the rooms on individual Assured Shorthold Tenancies (ASTs) and take care of everything.

As Rent Smart is your tenant, you will only ever have to deal with us. This is a tried and tested business model – what we do is not new but we just do it better.



• Long term lets to suit (generally 2-3 years)
• No voids
• No fees
• No more tenant worries
• Regular cleaner and gardener
• Stress free property management
• We look after your property and carry out regular inspections
• We manage and pay for ordinary maintenance so the rent we pay you is your net income

Our main areas are BS1, BS2, BS3, BS6, BS7, BS8 and BS10. We are expanding all the time, so if your area is not listed, please contact us to find out if we can help.

All types. But the typical property is a house or flat with a minimum of 3 bedrooms and 2 reception rooms. It does not have to have parking or a big garden. If you are unsure, why not contact us to find out if yours is suitable?

We will set up a monthly standing order direct to your bank account for the agreed rent, which will be paid each month at the same time for the duration of the contract.

If necessary, we will carry out a light refurbishment at our own cost to bring the property up to our customer’s standards. If larger maintenance work is needed, we can help you complete it at a reduced cost.

Some landlords are put off by the idea of sharers in their property as they believe the houses will suffer more wear and tear. But in reality, your property is more likely to suffer more damage if let out to students or families with children and pets. Our tenants are all professionals in full time employment and go through a vetting process before moving in. We also provide a regular cleaner and gardener and carry out regular inspections.

We manage and pay for ordinary maintenance. As the landlord you will still be responsible for major maintenance issues (for example, boiler and roof repairs) and the statutory safety checks, but by being with Rent Smart, the difference is that we will arrange everything for you. The contract drawn up between us will state our full responsibilities along with yours.

We will cover the cost to get it fixed immediately after which we will charge our tenants. An initial deposit is taken from our tenants that is held in a Deposit Protection Scheme as further cover for any damage done.

That is our problem not yours. If it does happen, we cover the cost and you receive your full rent as promised.

We ask our landlords to give us a minimum of 6 months’ notice if they do not intend on renewing the long-term contract at the end of the term and we will do the same. We ask for 6 months to allow our customers a fair amount of time to find a new home.

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We are always looking for new properties in Bristol to manage for you. If you want to enjoy the benefits of being a worry-free landlord, please get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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